10 Supply Stores to Get Wholesale Fruits In Singapore

wholesale fruit singapore

Wholesale stores for fresh fruits

Wholesale stores offer the best savings on fruits. Since we all love the health benefits that fruits and vegetables offer, it makes sense to get the freshest fruits while scoring bulk savings when shopping for wholesale fruits in Singapore.

Look no further as we bring you the top 10 supply stores to get dibs on high quality but affordable fruits.


1. The Fruit Hut Singapore – allow customers to choose ripeness of fruits

the fruit hut singapore
Image credit: The Fruit Hut

The Fruit Hut Singapore is among the leading importers of fruits in Singapore. They offer over 80 varieties of fruits. Unique fruits are available at the store such as the CHN Honey Mangoes, Australia Sweet Jewel Strawberry, THA water crisp Rose Jambu, and Rare Ecuador Yellow Dragon Fruit.

The Fruit Hut Singapore
Image credit: The Fruit Hut Singapore

Customers are also given an option to pick the ripeness of their desired fruits. For example, you can choose avocados of 2 different ripeness — ripe and unripe. The Fruit Hut also provides ample description of the state of ripeness to help you decide.

Website | Facebook | Instagram
Address: 1912 Geylang Lorong, Singapore 398999
Contact: (+65) 6974 7637
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun, 11AM – 10PM
Delivery fees: Flat Rate: $9.70 (2-Hour Delivery). Free for orders above $60


2. Yaya Papaya – ready to cook vegetables and fruit juices

yayapapaya fruits
Image credit: @yayapapayafruits

Yaya Papaya has been in the fruit business since 1985. It has vast expertise and experience to offer quality fruits with a committed team of fruit experts, drivers, and packers working round the clock to ensure every customer’s needs are met.

Other unique highlights of the store are selling fruit juices and offering ready to cook vegetables which can be delivered on customized boxes.

If you’re a regular customer, join their loyalty program and earn redeemable points on every purchase for rewards.

Website | Facebook |Instagram
Address: 26 Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre #01-208, Singapore 110026
Contact Details: (+65) 6774 3387
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri, 8PM – 5PM | Sat, 8AM-1PM
Delivery Fees: Delivery fee of $8 for orders of at least s$25. Free delivery for orders $45


3. Think Fresh – fruit delivery packages for offices

Think Fresh
Image credit: Think Fresh

Think Fresh caters fruit boxes to offices and promotes healthy living. For this reason, they offer an awesome office fruit delivery service called FruitBoss.

This service has various themes with distinct health goals and exclusive fruit mix boxes which include Mr. Essentials, Immunity Hulk, Captain Energy, and more.

In particular, the Beauty Queen is a health booster designed to give you a healthy glow, boasts strong hair growth, and cleanse your body from toxins.

Website | Facebook
Address: 22 Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre #01-148, Singapore 110022
Contact Details: (+65) 6778 2621
Opening Hours: Mon – Frid, 8AM – 5PM | Sat, 8AM – 12PM
Delivery Fees: $20 for purchases less than $120


4. Pasir Panjang Wholesalers – bulk fruit shopping from Singapore’s historical market.

Pasir Panjang WholesalersPasir Panjang Wholesalers
Image credit: Singapore Food Agency

Pasir Panjang Wholesalers deals primarily with dried goods, vegetables, and a variety of fruits. It has been operating for over three decades and is known to offer quality fruits.

The wholesaler occupies a 26-block complex featuring cold rooms for storage, offices, shops, and stalls. There is also an auction hall that allows vendors and retailers to bid for fresh fruits. Retailers can do their bulk fruit shopping here.

Website | Facebook | Instagram
Address: West Coast Highway opposite the Haw Par Villa
Contact Detail: (+65) 6775 6355
Opening Hours: 24 hours
Delivery Fees: Depends on your location


5. FS Fruity – customized cut fruits, fruit platters, and cup fruits

FS Fruity
Image credit: FS Fruit

FS Fruity has been in business since 2009 and offers an amazing variety of combo fruits platter where you can mix 8 different types of fruits in addition to 1 topping at a regular price. Look forward to fruits such as China Hami melons, African Green apples, Egypt Mandarin oranges.

If you’re a huge fan of durians, make sure to attend their Durian Fiesta which is held in honour of the traditional durian festival.

Address: Circuit Rd Singapore 370087 (Office / Retail Shop)
Contact Details: (+65) 8793 7350 / (+65) 9107 9179
Operating Hours: Mon to Sat, 8.30AM – 5.30PM
Delivery Fees: Flat Rate of $10 delivery fee for orders worth $44 and below. Free for orders above $60


6. Momobud – well packaged premium Japanese fruits for corporates

Image credit: MOMOBUD

Momobud is renowned for offering corporates an ideal selection of perennial and seasonal fruits. It sets itself apart by offering quick delivery for a variety of Japanese premium fresh fruits such as Japanese Ibaraki Chestnut, Japanese Ehime Mikan Mikan, and Japanese ginnan.

If you’re gifting fruits as a corporate or house-warming gift, you can also customise your fruit purchases in gift boxes, hampers or crates with a personalised message.

Website | Facebook | WhatsApp
Address: 138 Robinson Road, #02-32 Oxley Tower, Singapore 068906
Contact Address: (+65) 9834 8923
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri, 11AM – 7PM | Sat, 11AM – 3PM
Delivery Fees: Delivery fee of $7 for minimum orders of $50. Free delivery for orders above $100.


7. LTC Food – offers exchanges of fruits within 24 hours

LTC Food
Image credit: LTC FOOD

LTC Food imports a variety of vegetables, wet provisions, and fruits in Singapore. With over four decades in handling fruits, the brand is experienced in distributing fresh fruits to hotel chains, offices, and restaurants.

The store offers wet provisions such as tofu and noodles and offers exchange of fruits within 24 hours should your fruits fall short of expectation

LTC Food sources its fruits from European markets so they are able to maintain a steady supply even if disasters like floods occur.

Website | Facebook
Address: Block 6 Wholesale Centre #01-222/223 Pasir Panjang, Singapore 110006
Contact Detail: (+65) 6778 1884
Opening Hours: Mon – Sat, 8AM – 10PM
Delivery Fees: Depends on location


8. Aries Fresh – packed in modified atmosphere bags

Aries Fresh
Image credit: Agrimarket Advisor

Aries Fresh handpicks their fruits from farms across the world, therefore ensuring the freshest produce. As the largest importer of oyster mushrooms and chilli pads, you can also look forward to quality-assured vegetables and fruits packed in modified atmosphere bags for ideal conservation and maximum freshness.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Address: 10 Wholesale Centre #01-417 Pasir Panjang, Singapore 110010
Contact Detail: + 65 677 36281
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri, 8.30AM – 5.30PM | Sat, 8.30AM – 5.30PM
Delivery Fees: Delivery fee of $4.95 for orders below $49. Free for orders above $49.

9. Freshly Picked – offer discounted fruits for group of buyers

Freshly Picked
Image credit: Fr
eshly Picked

Freshly Picked offers freshly picked fruits from farms to their customers. Their fruit hampers are customized with personalised messages.

The wholesale stall is committed to providing an easy shopping experience all under one roof by selling ready to cook fruit vegetables, juices, and cut fruits.

Plus, discounted group buys are available for individuals willing to cut costs by purchasing fruits together.

Website | Facebook | Instagram
Address: 253 Serangoon Central Drive #01-239, Singapore 550253
Contact Detail: (+65) 9855 6672
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri, 9AM – 7PM | Sat & Sun, 8.30AM – 7PM
Delivery Fees: MOQ for fruits and vegetables is $60. $8 for orders between $60 to $99. Free for orders above $100


10. Tangy Tangerines – fruit boxes with monthly subscription

 Tangy Tangerines
Image credit: Tangy Tangerine

Tangy Tangerines offers a variety of fruits such as citrus, tropical, berries and exotic fruits like the unique Spanish peaches. Classical organic seeds like chia seeds and organic Quinoa from Peru are also available.

You can make a monthly subscription for fruit boxes at discounted prices. They have customized boxes like home cooking boxes, stay home essentials, immunity boxes and detox balance boxes.

Website | Facebook | Instagram
Address: 25 Bukit Batok Cres, Singapore 658066
Contact Detail: (+65) 6681 6550
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri, 9AM – 5.30PM
Delivery Fees: $5 for orders below $80. Free for orders above $100


Factors to consider when buying fruits

fruit stalls
Image credit: Fikri Rasyid 

Where does the supplier purchase its produce from?

Always double-check where your suppliers source their fruits and vegetables from. For the freshest produce, they should come from orchards or local farms.

Suppliers’ product knowledge

Your supplier should be knowledgeable to provide you with accurate answers. A supplier who offers high-quality vegetables and fruits throughout the year will help you meet your customer’s expectations in terms of freshness and consistency.

Convenience — online delivery services

Online fruit deliveries make work easier on your end. This grants you the utmost ease of making orders from wherever you are. It saves you time since you can simply place an order and receive it straight at your doorstep.

For example, The Fruit Hut Singapore delivers all fruit orders within an hour island-wide so you can get your orders ASAP.


Get your fruits from online wholesale stores in Singapore

the fruit hut singapore wholesale supply store

While you can get your groceries from neighbourhood wet markets and supermarkets, what many Singaporeans don’t know is that they can simply get fruits with the same quality via wholesale supply stores instead.

Better yet if they also offer delivery services so you won’t have to make the trip yourself.

Enjoy a wider variety of fruit selection at competitive prices and kickstart your new shopping journey with just a click of a button today. For starters, you can check out online fruit suppliers such as The Fruit Hut and receive your fruit haul in just an hour.

Now you can shop fuss-free in the comforts of your own home.


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